Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back in Business!

Hello, my faithful followers.  I dropped off the face of the blogging Earth at the end of a tough semester and barely saw a computer during internship last semester, so a lot has changed and not just my blog background! :)

What's new?
  • I'm committing to blogging more frequently.  It's fun and somewhat therapeutic.
  • I graduated from college in December!
  • Me and Steph on graduation day
  • I am doing the Couch to 5K Program with my friends Susan and John Adam.  We're running the Mayor's Cup 5K in April and are about to start Week 3 training (did Week 1 twice, just in case...or because we needed an extra week of less intense intervals!).  I am proud of myself for sticking with this because most of you know my favorite saying, "I only run if something's chasing me!"  Well, right now laziness is chasing me, and I'm trying to stay a few strides ahead!
  • I am a substitute teacher for Tuscaloosa City Schools.  Since I graduated in December, the job prospects were pretty much non-existent.  I am hoping that this sub gig will keep my foot in the door and potentially lead to a job for the fall.  I did my internship at Northridge High and LOVED it.  I miss my students and teaching so, so much.  Y'all know I'm a planner so this get up at 5:30, get ready and hope one of the schools calls at the last minute is stressful.  I mean, it's only been a few days, but I am beyond ready to work!  My new least favorite words of all time? SubFinder's robot voice saying, "Currently there are no jobs available."  Luckily I have a job booked for this Friday at my beloved NHS so I'll make a little cash and get to see some of my favorite kiddos!
  • I'm living in a church!!  That's right, a church.  I am serving as an intern at one of the churches in town so I live for free in exchange for of my time and talents.  It's a little weird to tell people I live in a church, but it's a great gig.  I parked cars for football games, teach youth Sunday School and help with the youth, help lead a college Bible Study of great girls, and help out with whatever else needs doing around here.
  • I'm trying to find my new place as a college grad who's not quite all the way grown.  The majority of my college friends have graduated and moved home, but I'm trying out Tuscaloosa livin' as an adult for the time being.  I think I just want to make it on my own; it might be a mistake, and I know I'll need help, but I spent my entire life moving because of other people.  Now I don't have to (yet) if I don't want to.  I have an incredible group of friends still in town, but since most of them are married, I need to do a better job of seeking a young professionals/singles group as I've aged out of the Wesley Foundation by default.  I've heard good things about the young adult ministry at First United Methodist downtown, so I may give that a shot.
I hope to be around a lot more, especially since I'm not prepping lessons or grading papers for the time being.  Look out for recipes (as tried at Susan and John Adam's since my kitchen do I put this nicely?? Lacking.), photos, and random adventures!

Much love

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