Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in My Snow Boots

So anyone who knows me knows I love snow.  I didn't get much snow growing up (I only remember one giant snow when I was really small in Maryland and the blizzard of 93 in Arkansas) since I've always lived in the south.  Tuscaloosa has gotten threats of snow this winter, but Huntsville gets slammed every other week it seems.  My parents got 9 inches of snow a couple weeks ago and I was super jealous because we didn't get a single flake! 

But our lack of accumulation doesn't mean doesn't mean we don't hope or plan for a flippin' blizzard.  The last time we had a "major" threat of snow in early January, I camped out at Susan and John Adam's and waited for the mother load.  Instead we got just enough ice to shut the city down for two days!  We had fun watching movies, making giant pallets of blankets on the floor, and pigged out on yummy food, but there was no snow. 

Last week the weather guessers predicted snow, but I decided to stay put at home (church) because I had to sub the next morning and didn't want to leave for work any earlier than absolutely necessary.  Luckily, we got a big fat nothing again.

So Tuesday when the weather folk and Facebook world started touting the latest threat of snow, no one should be surprised that I doubted it'd happened...but hoped like hell it would.  And, guess what folks!!  It snowed last night!! I camped out at Susan and JA's again (what kind of fun is a "good" snowfall when you're all by yourself.  Not, that's what kind.) and we had dinner and sipped wine while we waited for snow to cover the grass.   By 10 there was a good inch and a half on the ground so we did what any good southern children do, mess it up as soon as possible.  (Forgive the grainy cell phone pics.  As soon as I get the ones from Susan's camera I'll post them!)

A veritable blizzard by Tuscaloosa standards

We went out and sledded down the hill and made a huge snowman named Fred (admire his REAL coal eyes, nose, mouth and buttons...and skewer arms) until we were so soaked that we had to seek warmth and refuge inside by the fire.  We had so much fun, and I must have said, "This is great!"  "It's snowing!" and "This is so much fun!" about a billion times.  I know I said it a lot because Susan remarked, "You've said that a lot."  I can't help that I revert to childhood when it snows.

Our snowman, affectionately named Fred.  You'll see more of him later...he didn't live long.

After Fred's untimely death, we called it a night, turned on a movie and promptly fell asleep.  Just another adventure for the memory book.  I have the best friends.

Just as a comparison, our two inches is nothin' in the grand scheme of things, but I'll take it! 
18 inches of snow at Gammaw's -- Christmas 2009

Snow at Mom and Dad's -- January 2011

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you had fun in the snow because I am most definitely tired of it!!