Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in the Pizza Biz!

So many of you know that I'm an intern at my church.  I live bill-free in exchange for working around the church.  I park cars during football season, hang out with the youth, and teach Sunday school along with other little tasks that need to be done. 

I love spending time with our youth group because it's made of really great kids.  On a really good night we only have 6 or 8 kids, but they're awesome, smart, and hilarious.  I never leave a youth event without laughing my butt off!! 

Last weekend our youth executed the best pizza assembly line I've ever seen to complete their latest fundraiser. The kids made a ton of money for upcoming trips, and the church members' bellies were full of delicious, handmade pizza. The kids sold and made 92 pizzas!! We had a ton of happy customers, many of whom have asked when the kids will be making pizzas again!

Pizzas waiting to be picked up

Diligently counting pepperonis to provide adequate topping coverage.

Part of the pizza assembly line. They made 92 pizzas in a hour with the help of adult Sunday school classes who joined in the fun.

Way to go youth!  We're all proud of you and happy to help!

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Sarah said...

One word: YUM!!!!!!!!!