Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to the Races

In the midst of my "no job funk" a few weeks back, I was itching to move, run, exercise, do *something.*  I did a little research on the Couch to 5K running plan.  I did a couple 5Ks in college with my roommate Ellyn, but I never properly trained for one.  C25K gets you from your sitting on your ass to running 5K (approx. 30 minutes) without stopping over 9 weeks.  After looking over the plan, I decided my lazy butt ought to give it a chance.  It's discouraging to be without a job (even though I know, I know, I know I just graduated and it's a terrible time to find a job, much less a teaching job!) and not have much else  to do, so jogging might give me a new focus and something to feel proud of.

I told my dear friend Susan that I wanted to try C25K and she said she and some friends from work were signing up for the Mayor's Cup 5K in April.  I downloaded these podcasts, Susan and her husband John Adam joined in, and our running trio was born.  We've been at it for 3 weeks, and I already feel a difference.  I am SO proud of us for sticking with the plan and getting our runs in.  So to reward ourselves for our commitment and our feet for putting up with such awful, old shoes, Susan and I went to The Athlete's Foot yesterday and got some new kicks.  TAF is awesome because they have a program that evaluates the pressure points in your feet and your gait so you can choose the best shoe for you.  I ended up with these babies, and I love them!

It's amazing what a decent pair of shoes will do to improve a run.  I didn't get shin splints nor did I roll an ankle--a beautiful thing.  I swore I'd only run if a large jungle animal were chasing me, but I'm totally getting into it.  I think I'm going to splurge on a nice tank top when we make it to six weeks.  Gotta look spiffy on race day come April!

**These shoes helped make up for the horrendous day o' subbing that I had on Friday.  That is, these shoes and the WONDERFUL friends I have who all lamented their bad/weird days with me over a plate of nachos and a few margaritas at Jalapeno's.  Y'all are the best!


Sarah said...

I need new shoes sooo bad!!!! I wish we had something up here that did that with your feet haha. And I also wish that I were there drinking margaritas with you....or by myself, as long as I'm drinking them!!!! Love you!

EllynAndra said...

I knew you'd catch the run bug soon. You should come do the Cotton Row in May with me!