Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Room Reflects Self

So I was talking to a friend tonight about the crazy school and work schedule I've been keeping lately, and she said "Doesn't leave much time to write, huh?" I haven't written just for me in over a year...maybe longer. That was the whole point of creating this blog - not only to keep with the the daily happenings around campus and in the life of Little Leah, but also to give me a space to ponder and muse and hopefully end up writing *something*.

I avoided writing my theatre critique until the last possible second (read: 7:30 so I could be in bed - having watched TV and read at least a chapter of He's Just Not That Into You - by 10. In the middle of my paper, I turned around to see my disaster area of a room which led me to remmeber a little theory I came up with sometime long ago...or last year. Room Reflects Self. Now the major, and obvious, principal of RRS is that the state of organization in my bedroom directly reflects the amount of homework, regular work, dishes, cleaning, errands, lack of time to get out the freakin' door...I have at any given point.

Observe Exhibit A: Came back after a weekend at home with an extra bag of winter clothes, a few boxes of shoes and a pile of untouched homework. I'll clean my room once I finish my homework and decide that taking my clothes out of the suitcase is worth the hassle of finding hangers to hang everything back up in my color coordinated closet (which is no longer fully color coordinated due to a little thing I like to call Closet Reflects Self, but you get the idea).

To further illustrate my point (and slyly show off my stylish new pad!!), observe Exhibit B: I had plenty of time on my hands and cleaned the whole joint last week!
These are just a few photos. I haven't uploaded the rest of them and am past my bedtime deadline!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daisies and Ding Dongs

I decided months ago that I'd join the growing ranks of the bloggers, but couldn't find the perfect name for my blog so I quit thinking about it until...today. In the never-ceasing quest to fight the man and get by doing as little homework as possible, I found myself lounging on the back porch and decided today was the day to start my blog. But it still took me an hour to come up with a name.

So I sign up for this lovely blog keeping in mind my favorite things to incorporate into its title: daisies, sunny days, porches, Alabama Crimson Tide, fried chicken...ya know...Southern stuff. My roommate Ellyn (also avoiding homework by quietly clicking away on her Blackberry) and I tossed around a few possibilities:

The Musings of the Mildly Disgruntled Government Gopher (I'm neither disgruntled nor currently employed by the government...okay, I am employed by the government, but I like my job....) View From the Back Porch (taken...lame.) View From the Bluff (also taken...more lame since it was way better since we live at the Bluff). Typed in Magnolias and Moonpies for kicks since that's Chuskey's blog...and then Ellyn uttered this little gem: Daisies and Ding Dongs! Followed by Hydrangeas and Ho-Hos.

So I settled on Daisies on the Back Porch instead. Even created the blog. But then I was doing a bit of soul searching over the weekend and heard my favorite Carrie Underwood song, "Crazy Dreams." The song's about not giving up even when chances seem grim because somebody else out there has been through what you're going through. My favorite line... "Here's to you wild magnolias waiting to bloom..." And that's what I feel like these days. Magnolias are supposed to symbolize perseverance, and that's what I'm doing...keep on, keepin' on...best advice I ever got! Thus, Wild Magnolia Waiting is born!

Angela Cook, history teacher extraordinare, once said that maybe my life would go Seinfeld and I'd be famous. Here's my crack at it. Enjoy!