Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My life since Jon and Kate split!

I realize it's been nearly a year since I lasted blogged about college life, and now I'm in class creating a blog for a project we're starting. I read back over my entries from 2008--crazy how things change. I was excited about meeting Jon and Kate Gosselin this time last year, and anyone who keeps up with People or Joel McHale knows how quickly their marriage went to pot!

I'm not really keeping up with the Gosselins these days. I spend more time studying, reading, and lesson-planning than sleeping or eating anymore, but alas, these are the woes of a preservice teacher. Some days I wonder why I ever chose this major . . . okay, most days. But then there are classes like Dr. Scherff's where we all come together--vent and stress and nearly (or actually) cry--and then feel better . . . for a couple of hours. The classes are long, the reading is longer, and the stress is high, but we're all in it together! Plus, the kids make me laugh, and what's life without inappropriate jokes from high school seniors who should know better. Or whisper quieter!