Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in My Heart

It's Valentine's Day, a day that could have easily sent me into a little loveless funk since this is the 22nd year I haven't had a boyfriend on February 14th.  (Okay, maybe 7 or 8 of those actually count as boyfriendless since elementary years can be excluded on account of elementary school love is much, much fickler than middle school love.)  Some people lament this day as SAD, or Singles Awareness Day, the one day a year on which single people feel exponentially single-er. 

Every year during college one of my best friends Alicia and I would go see a matinee movie and have dinner together in a joint (peaceful) protest against giant teddy bears, crappy chocolates and mushy cards everywhere.  We reveled in SAD, but we didn't mope. 

We just celebrated that we had such good friends to spend that coupley day with.  This year, though, we're grown.  Alicia's a big time pediatric nurse back home in Huntsville, and I'm a would-be teacher, part-time Super Sub in Tuscaloosa.  The 2.5 hour distance was pretty sad.

This year, best-friend-dateless and wondering what the heck I was going to do, I set out to make this Valentine's Day more than a mopefest of SAD.  And it worked!

First, my mom, the Goddess of Vera Bradley, sent me a little Heart Day care package!

Then, against my better judgement, I accepted a last minute sub job this morning.  The 8th graders were hyped up on sugar ALLLLLLL day, but overall, they were well-behaved...for 8th graders anyway. :)  They definitely kept me on my toes and entertained me with all their stories of middle school love and lust gone awry.

Then I came home from school to see there little gems!

A little bird dropped off these yummy treats from a favorite bakery of mine, Mary's.  Shortbread cookies, a tiny heart-shaped cake and a super sweet note totally made my day along with the lovely text messages I got today.  Plus, my other BFF Ellyn sent me a precious card in the mail!!  It was a GREAT day!


EllynAndra said...

I couldn't love on you today, so i sent the card your way. :)

Love you!

Sarah said...

I wish we would have been in the same town because my Valentine's Day was sad minus the 2 gifts I got from my students!!!